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Do You Want to be an Alpha Male or Beta Male?

Women can instantly tell the difference between Alpha Males and Beta Males - which one are you?
If you don't know - then it's time to find out the Secrets of the Alpha Male. Because if your goal is more women in your life, quality women in your life, quality relationships and never being whipped again - it's time to take a stand and transform into the Alpha Male you were born to be.
Have you ever felt like you got stuck in the friend-zone?
You do nice things all the time for the woman of your desire, you listen to her problems, you help her move, give her gifts, never try any sexual advances and never seem to get anywhere with her? Then - all of sudden, you wake up one day and she's dating THAT guy - that guy you don't like, and the guy she's been complaining about to you for the past 2 months.
What the heck?!
I Know The Feeling - Because That's What Happened to Me All the Time.
Perhaps it's not totally your fault - after all, we've all been given some pretty bad advice about women and dating over the years - stuff that has us paying for expensive dates and not getting a second date, or even a kiss goodnight!
You may have even had the feeling that your sexual nature and tendencies are somehow bad, and you need to be careful about showing them. Everyone and everything from parents, society, to TV and movies sends us the wrong signals and men grow up confused and frustrated with their identity and lack of success - especially with women.

The Frustration With Women Stops Now - We'll Show You How

The Modern Male Lifestyle has over 42 hours of audio all dedicated to teaching you how to transform yourself into the Alpha Male women want.
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All of the tips, tricks, techniques, exercises and mindset have all been culled from experience and stuff that works. We don't deal in theory or something we've never tried ourselves - you get only the best of the best when it comes to dating, women, relationships and being Alpha.

I am not incapable of saying thank you. When someone passes me a pen I’ve dropped, or holds a door open for me, the two words automatically pop out. I don’t even have to think about it.
But, if somebody tells me that I look nice, or I’ve done well with something, I take a second before I respond. My automatic reaction is to deny it (“No, but my hair is gross”) or qualify it (“I don’t know how it happened. It must just be complete luck”). If I receive a compliment, I have to actively force myself to be a normal human being and simply say “thank you”.
But this isn’t the only schoolgirl habit that has stuck. It has been almost six years since I left school, but my friends and I are all still trying to kick the worst traits we picked up pre, during and post-puberty. Here are some of the harder traits to kick:

Little Miss Perfect

Hermione Granger is a perfect student
I have no idea why, but as a girl I learnt that I needed to be perfect. My brother, who had the same upbringing and education as me, did not learn this – at all. While he was content with doing his best, I needed to do Kim’s best because she was getting A*s.
Teen girls are so bad at this that Oxford High School for Girls is making tests that get harder and harder, to show girls it is “fine not to get everything right.” Helen Fraser, the chief executive of the Girls' Day School Trust, has also said "being perfect is the enemy of learning". But perfectionism isn’t just a bad habit to have at school; it is debilitatingly bad when you’re trying to date, work, or even choose a sandwich in Pret.

Come with me?

Girls needed to go to the loo in packs
My best friend at school could not go to the toilet alone. It became a joke that she would always beg someone to come with her to the loos at lunchtime (which were next door to the canteen), but it was a symptom of a wider issue: she was so used to being surrounded by girls that she could not be without them.
I was – thankfully - able to go to the loo alone and even took it up a few levels by living abroad on my own post-university, but not every schoolgirl is so lucky. In fact, I dread to think what happens to girls who go to boarding schools…

Weird lies

It was normal to lie at school - never about anything serious - but always about revision, or the lack thereof. Instead of admitting the truth: “I spent six hours revising contours and volcanoes today,” you would stand outside the exam hall shrieking: “ARGH I’ve done NO work at all.”
This was never true, but the fear of being a ‘boffin’ (yes we actually used that word) was so strong that we had to downplay all of our achievements. Again, over in my brother’s school next door, that was not an issue. I regularly heard about the boys’ sporting, academic and pulling successes.

Where’s my reward?

This one goes back to primary school. If you did well, you got a gold star. Skip forward a few years, and if you do well, you get a good GCSE under your belt. You’ll also get some words of praise from your teachers at parent day.
But, in the working world, rewards are not the norm. You are expected to do your work well, without receiving a nice red tick every time. It means that schoolgirls who grew up learning to work strictly for approval have to quickly adjust that mindset.

She’s so much better than me

The Mean Girls atmosphere never dies
School encourages girls to compare themselves to each other. It is meant to breed a healthy competitive spirit, but actually, when you’re 23 years old and wondering if you’re as good as your friends, it isn’t so healthy.
Parents are just as bad as this. “Mel did so well in her 11+ exams and got scholarships”, started as I left primary school, and eventually became: “Mel got into Cambridge. What a shame you’re not going.” To this day, Mel’s CV is twice the size of mine.

The real world

It isn't just my friends and I who are plagued by these unconscious habits. A generation of schoolgirls are three times behind boys in maths classes, more risk averse and lack self-esteem, according to recent research. They worry as much as middle-aged men and it only gets worse when they leave their school bubble to go out into the real world and still wish they were as good as 'Mel' or whoever.
But, it isn't all doom and gloom. On the plus side, you're used to working hard, teamwork is like second nature to you, and you can always, always empathise with another ex-schoolgirl who blushes when you tell her she looks nice.

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